I’m still learning I’m nowhere near professional or anything of that matter electric nail file professional, but as someone who’s beginning themselves I kind of have a sense of what I really like being a beginner and what I think is necessary, and this is helpful for those who are looking to start a either a career or even a hobby in nails, this videos to help you guys know I’m belle electric nail file.What exactly you might need to begin those first steps because it can be very overwhelming with all the products out there and such and such a four nails, so this video is basically just to help you understand and know what’s necessary to begin and the things you should probably look and gear yourself towards getting and prioritize getting as opposed to some stuff that can just come a little late already so I’m kind of gonna or like the basics like the things that you really are going to want to use a first things first, um to be honest, this is kind of not really optional, but I have seen some people substitute this item for a manual item, but I just find that it’s a lot easier to use this item, so I’m talking about the nail Joe and I got mine off of Amazon that’s just what it looks like I prefer to use a nail gun.Go over the nail file when doing acrylic nails because it gets the job done a lot faster and it’s less taxing on your hand it’s a lot more efficient and saves you time, so I would definitely recommend getting a nail drill and probably just start up slow with using it and kind of get used to it because this will make your life like so much easier when doing sets or practicing alright, the second thing, you’re gonna wanna obviously need for acrylic is an acrylic brush, now when it comes to acrylic brushes, there is a bunch of different sizes and I wish I would have kind of research more about this before I want to purchase my brush because when it made me starting off maybe a little me beginning a lot easier okay, so when it comes to brushes I would not recommend really cheapen out on a brush because a really good quality brush does this contribute to your success like it does contribute to how successful your central turnout especially when beginning or at least I think so.When I first began I started off using this brush from Amazon honestly just a basic a brush I thought it was a good brush I don’t know it’s actually size eight what it says but it does look like a small, so I lean over Julian eight but you can see it’s very very small and using this brush, it took me a long time to do my set because it is so small, you gotta work in sections, and this also made my setup very bumpy because it’s so small, it can only pack down so much, if that makes any sense so and this does lose a lot of bristles and it’s not a terrible brush like maybe I’ve got a different size I would like it a bit more gosh guys may like it was in the way this entire time, why did nobody tell me there’s not a terrible brush, but if you are going to get this brush on Amazon I would probably just recommend getting a bigger size, so the brush that I’m currently using now and that I love is my Alpha brush and I won’t even let me know when I was beginning.I did see everyone used Alpha brush, but I wasn’t liking office prices, okay auntie like I was not I was not with it, so I cheat out and I got this Amazon brush but I had A I wish I would have gotten this brush from beginning it is a really good quality brush, look how flat my brush stays sorry focus called flat light brush days as opposed to this one like this one just stays very round like kind of hopefully and not quite flat, next rush will make your work reason, hey appraise like it just gets everywhere nice and flats are definitely going to want to use so your next thing you’re gonna wanna need is a glue to glue on your acrylic tips and sorry this one I have for you guys, the show is a little busted, please excuse miraculous, but I use the cady’s flu and this is the one that I recommend.I’m up pictures and stuff, of course screen but this glue is bhai okay, the bah, it’s just my nail tips on so so well and have zero complaints about this, so when you’re starting out pick you up, this new group, next thing you’re gonna want to need is some acrylics to work with, so when you’re practicing obviously you’re gonna be eager to try out different designs and styles and to try out a lot of different designs styles, you might want some acrylic, so like acrylic colors, so when it comes to click colors I recommend the secret line when it comes to them because it can be pretty affordable depending on where you live your currency and such but for me Canadian currency was pretty affordable, and that was taking in consideration the USDA to Canadian current currency conversion, our Dollar is weaker and it was still a affordable so it comes with I’m gonna put on the screen, but a bunch of z’s are colors, they are pretty small in size, but I think it’s pretty worth it because you get so much. Colors to work with and it isn’t, it is a decent ammo it’s a decent amount because when you’re working with cover cars anyways, it’s not really used to build the nail strength is used as a cover color so he shouldn’t really be using a lot anyways when doing a set so I think with the amount of colors and options and brides that comes with its very worth it, so when starting out I really recommend, um, get you guys this set or the other ones that it comes in because it gives you a lot of color to start exploring your designs and such, so I really love her set and I use it all the time, so the next thing that you guys might want to pick up is another set of nail beds because even though your drill may come with nail bits, you probably want another set and this is this I recommend don’t worry all the links again will be below for all these items from Amazon and these are these are sorry the nail but it comes with and this no bit is like a fine grid.One which is really good for cleaning up your work and filing it down making it all smooth and such, it’s really wrong for that and then it also comes with a safety bit which is really good for working in the clinical areas, and then it comes with this small cuticle bit as well which is really good for getting the extra skin off the cubicles before you start and like prepping the nail and such so I really recommend these bits I found that when I started I didn’t really like using a sanding bands too tough for like the falling down of Mike rilling nearing the finishing product which is why I got this and I love it, I love it, so I would recommend you guys get this one story now, so the next thing you’re obviously gonna need is some monomer okay, so I do my nails at home, so I haven’t done that in consideration, now I guess.I’m doing nails because the monuments smell can be so strong like so strong when I began I started off with mia secrets monument which I recommend I love it to be honest it was well I sat lately I recommend it because, um it didn’t drive too fast is really good as a beginner, but when working from home that smell lingers, it is strong even with my window open, it was strong, so now the modern where I use and I’m going to recommend to all beginners because it is very manageable, I’m kind of running low, I have like five more bottles downstairs so much, I love it it’s the it’s just called get lacquered and I’ll put the link to where you can purchase down below I really like this man, if you’re working from home I really recommend this because it is low odor and it really is low odor like it’s not capping is low odor, so I really love it, if I when I’m working you can barely smell it like barely smell it, the only place you’re gonna smell is my garbage can.I’m gonna open the lid because all my paper towel, um that’s been judged in the monitor in there but other than that this is so low odor, trust me get this when starting out your family will love you okay, they will love you, your house, your room wherever you will not be smelling too strongly like a nail salon and next thing I think if you’re starting out is something to put your monitor in a when I began I was just using this and I do not recommend something so big or at least I guess to begin because you might end up wasting a lot of monomer I recommend a gap in dish because they’re very small and you put in here, um, it’s just better because it helps control the waist of your monitor and yeah think it just it also minimises the smell that’s going to be in the room because you’re not pouring out a bunch of money at a time so I really recommend starting out you just get yourself a little dampen dish, um, they can come in all different like they they’re different.And the different styles and stuff, but I just got the regular class damn dish, and I really really, really, really recommend e alright the next item, I’m going to recommend that you guys purchase eyes something to collect the desk because it can get messy now when you’re starting off I know a lot of guys I’m not gonna go out and buy a whole meal table that comes in with a built a dust collector because those nail tables can be expensive, add them up, so there were three bills for bills and I said payment, not me, not now that’s for sure, so to fix that problem I would recommend you guys get one of the ones that are not built in and I got this one off of Amazon and it looks like this and this makes my working area and my cleanup so much more clean and tidy, this collect so much of the dust, I love this stuff like this is the bomb dot com, it is a little noisy I won’t even lie to you, but it collects.So I will take the noise over the desk, any day, alright, well the next couple of things that are recommended to about three or four things I also have to hurry up, because I don’t like cammy is mocked his hand OK, when I began my friends, trust me enough to like practice on them, but um even if you do have people at home or your friends to practice on you probably are still gonna want to practice hand because let’s be real like or for me, sometimes I rarely randomly want to practice some nails at like two am or something like that and at that time I got friends around me to practice on and stuff like that right, so practice hand comes in handy for those times you want to practice at any given time, you know on your own time, whenever you get the chance you can even start one day leave it come back and finish set so I recommend a practice and a it really lets you practice your technique, so this is a sad girl, you have on the practice, and I was practicing just the other day cause your corona, I can’t begin.I can’t practice on real people, so yeah my next item that I would recommend or I don’t have the right to show to show you their downstairs but are some see curved nail tips that will help you so much, there’s so much easier to stick on to your nails and the fake practice hand they’ll make your life a breeze, so get yourself some c curve nail tips, okay see the last little thing I recommend is you’re gonna want your basic acrylic colours, and I recommend young nails or a mere secret because they are very affordable, um, so I have mia secrets, pink and heard clear which is what you’re gonna probably see yourself using a lot so the clear lock to encapsulate and the pink whenever they want, just gel nail polish or such and then I also use young nails a lot and I use basic colors like their peach which I use for my embrace their blush which gives some glitter and the white so I reckon.And then Amazon have all links down below the very affordable I am talking so fast, but this shows you guys I do not know my camera is the last thing I recommend that you guys get is a light because I don’t know, but for you guys, I need a lot of like when I’m working it allows me to see everything better and allows me to not Miss the little stuff that I Miss when I don’t use an actual light above me I got this side of the Amazon as well and I really commit pretty affordable, I think it’s dead right now but it’s a rechargeable light that comes with a charger thing and it’s really helpful, it’s like one of the east, so we put it right over and it’s perfect alright guys because my camera is dying, um, that’s pretty much all I have for this video I might do a part two keep in mind guys that this is not only solely for beginners because it’s stuff that professionals that have been in the business for god knows how long they use stuff as well but it’s just some stuff that I think you should give yourself towards getting first before dabbling into other things or spoon.Your money on stuff and you don’t end up doing nails anymore.