Waite and you may Stolzenberg (1976) found a serious bad matchmaking anywhere between wife’s work and you will relatives dimensions

One another gender-part traditionalism and achievement when you look at the nonfamily jobs had been for the a great higher probability of having a kid at parity zero otherwise you to, however, a diminished probability of which have children certainly one of females from the high parities

The latest telecommunications between wives’ employment and you can childbearing might have been a topic from far data, just like the people has actually all the more joined otherwise stayed on work force, nevertheless the overall performance obtained try inconsistent. But not, predicated on analyses of longitudinal research that desired into the study out-of recursive processes as well as addition many additional steps, Bagozzi and you will Van Loo (1988) receive zero causal relationships ranging from wife’s a job and you will family unit members proportions; it recommended one to both work-push involvement and family members size is codetermined by the wife’s completion motivation, sex-role norms, and you may identified worth of students. (more…)